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Audio Patching Accessories

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Audio Patching Accessories


Audio Baluns

High-quality audio baluns are available for 110Ω twisted pair to 75Ω coaxial matching. Matches BNC to male or female XLR connectors.



QCP & EDAC Tools and Accessories

Individual punchdown tools and complete tool kits are available for both QCP II and QCP IV connections.  The same punchdown tool works for both types, but the tips are different. EDAC connector kits are also available for E120, E90, E56, E38 and E3 connectors—genuine EDAC parts.


 See Audio Patching Accessories Ordering Information datasheet (pdf) at right for more detailed information.


LSA PLUS Punchdown Tool



EDAC Crimp Tool


EDAC 90-Shell Kit        Edac-38 Shell Kit


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