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ADC ProPatch Programmable (PPP) Series

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ADC ProPatch Programmable (PPP) Series


The ProPatch® Programmable modular system offers unprecedented reliability and flexibility in a convenient, space-saving size and lightweight package. Specifically engineered for everyday use in demanding mobile trucks, the ProPatch Programmable system is the only product in its class that passes stringent MIL-STD-202F standards for vibration and environmental requirements.
The ProPatch Programmable bantam system is a WECO-standard module in a high-density 2x48 one rack space panel. The longframe system is a WECO-standard module in either a 2x24 or high-density 2x32 one rack space configuration. The modular design allows individual front jack access for circuit and ground configurations without having to take the entire panel offline or removing it from the rack. Each modular jack features WECO gold crossbar contacts that provide self-cleaning action and maximize reliability. Jack modules are also individually sealed which prevents dust and contamination from convection plenum action common in rack mounted systems.
The ProPatch Programmable series is available with a variety of termination options including QCP punchdown, LSA-PLUS® punchdown, 3-pin, 56-pin, 90-pin, 120-pin EDAC/ELCO connectors, and 50-pin AMP “champ” connectors, in both an eight-connector version for audio and a four-connector version for RTS/ClearCom type intercom systems.
Only five inches deep and 2.8kgs fully configured, the ProPatch Programmable series is unmatched in the marketplace. Using ADC’s patent-pending escutcheon kit, the one rack unit panel can be converted to a 1.5 rack unit configuration. This allows the use of ADC’s ultra-large designation strips, providing room for three lines of text, plus markers—the largest designations on the market.
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