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ADC ProPatch Umbilical (BJF) Series

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ADC ProPatch Umbilical (BJF) Series


ADC broadcast jackfields simplify the task of wiring rack-mounted panels by separating the jacks from the backplane.  The jack panel mounts on the front of the rack, and the Ultra Patch termination panel mounts on the rear with an umbilical connecting the two.  This arrangement makes the termination wiring more accessible so you don’t have to reach into the rack to make connections.  In addition, the totally solderless wiring of both panels provides more reliable connections than solder, ensuring dependable service.
Options available include panel sizes, longframe or Bantam jacks, choice of normalling, standard or custom umbilical length, and QCP II, QCP IV, or EDAC rear panel connectors.  All BJF series panels now feature AES digital/audio with precision 110Ω, low capacitance shielded twisted pair cable. MKII panels include fixed cable trays.  MKIV panels have adjustable cable bars and white backplanes for better visibility.
Choice of Panel and Umbilical Sizes 
  • 1 RU jack panel (1.75"/44 mm) with 2 RU (3.5"/88 mm) or 3 RU (5.25"/132 mm) Ultra Patch termination panel
  • 2 RU jack panel (3.5"/88 mm) with 3 RU (5.25"/132 mm) Ultra Patch termination panel
  • Standard 4-foot (1.2 meter) umbilical or custom lengths available 
Longframe or Bantam Jacks 
  • Longframe jacks in 2x24 or 2x26 array evenly spaced
  • Bantam jacks in 2x48 array evenly spaced 
Digital Audio Cable 
  • Precision 110 W digital audio cable meets and exceeds stringent AES requirements
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