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ADC ProPatch Professional (PPA & PPB) Series

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ADC ProPatch Professional (PPA & PPB) Series
ProPatch professional audio patchbays and broadcast jackfields feature an extensive selection of jacks, panel sizes, normalling options, and rear terminations.  Each panel contains ADC’s high quality, WECO-standard, frame-type jacks and includes a tough powder-coated chassis with built-in cable support and designation strips.  Solderless internal wiring and terminations ensure completely dependable performance without intermittents.  Termination options include the extremely reliable and quick-to-wire QCP II or QCP IV punchdown system as well as EDAC, AMP, and Molex connector options.


Next Generation ProPatch Audio Jackfields
  • Analog and digital compatible—all wired with precision 110Ω low capacitance cable for extended analog frequency response and extended distance digital transmission (no need to specify type)
  • Uniform faceplate design with standardized designation strip lengths provides a seamless appearance when matched with video panels (over and under designation)
  • New lighter one-piece chassis design
  • Adjustable cable strain relief bar—tilts out of way for installation access
  • High impact plastic injected molded jack inserts—more durable than phenolic materials
  • Standard Bantam jackfields come with regular (even) spaced inserts—stereo (group) spacing available 
Longframe or Bantam Jacks
  • Longframe jacks in 2x24 or 2x26 array stereo or regular spaced
  • Bantam jacks in 2x48 array stereo or regular spaced 
Digital Audio Cable Wiring
  • Precision 110Ω digital audio cable meets and exceeds stringent AES requirements 
Variety of Jack Options
  • Standard longframe jacks (evenly spaced)
  • High-density bantam jacks, regular or spaced (stereo-spaced option available)
  • Stereo-spacing option places jacks in pairs 
Standard or Custom Sizes
  • 1 RU (1.75"/44.5 mm)
  • 2 RU (3.5"/88 mm)
  • Depths of 14 inches (350 mm) or 18 inches (450 mm)
  • Custom panel sizes available 
Wide Selection of Terminations
  • Patented QCP II or QCP IV punchdown connectors
  • EDAC/ELCO 90-, 56-, 38- and 3-pin plugs
  • AMP 50-pin receptacle
  • Molex 3-pin plug 
Full Range of Normalling Options
  • No normals (requires looping plugs or cords for patch)
  • Normals strapped (fully normalled)
  • Half-normalled (monitor top row)
  • Normals brought out
  • Sleeve normals brought out
  • Sleeves strapped
  • Bussed grounds
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