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Launch Fibres & Fibre Boxes

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Launch Fibres & Fibre Boxes



  • Compact, rugged, lightweight
  • 150, 500, and 1000 m lengths standard
  • Available with a variety of connector styles
  • Compact! Fits easily in OTDR cases or kits 


  • For use as OTDR launch cable
  • For use as OTDR receive cable
  • Measure insertion loss and reflectance of near- and far-end connections of a fibre optic link using an OTDR
  • Use to test link loss with an OTDR 

NOYES Fibre Rings from AFL are often a necessity when testing with an OTDR. NOYES Fibre Rings are compact launch / receive cables designed to measure the insertion loss of the near-end and/or far-end connection of a fibre optic link using an OTDR. Both a launch and receive cable are required to measure complete link loss of a fibre with an OTDR. A launch cable, which connects the OTDR to the link under test, reveals the insertion loss and reflectance of the near-end connection. A receive cable, which connects to the far-end of the link, reveals the insertion loss and reflectance of the far-end connection. Launch and receive test cables can range from 150 m to 1 km (or longer) in length. Because very long test cables are impractical to transport and use, NOYES designed coiled lengths of 50 µm multimode, 62.5 µm multimode, or single-mode fibre conveniently packaged in compact rings. 

NOYES Fibre Rings with150 m of fibre are ideal for premises fibre network test applications. Fibre Rings with 500 m or 1 km of single-mode fibre are designed for broadband, long-haul fibre network test applications. NOYES Fibre Rings’ are compact and fit easily in many OTDR carry cases and test kits. NOYES Fibre Rings are available from AFL in a variety of standard angled and non-angled connector styles including SC, ST, LC, FC, MT-RJ and E2000. 

Ordering Information



FR1-M5-150- x1- x2

Multimode, 50 µm, 150 m (492 ft)


Laser Optimized multimode, 50 µm, 150m (492 ft)

FR1-M6-150- x1- x2

Multimode, 62.5 µm, 150 m (492 ft)

FR1-SM-150- y1- y2

Single-mode, 150 m (492 ft)

FR1-SM-500- y1- y2

Single-mode, 500m (1640 ft)

FR1-SM-1000- y1- y2

Single-mode, 1000m (3280 ft)


  1. x1, x2 — connectors for multimode cables, specify type (ST, SC, ASC [angled SC], FC, AFC [angled FC], LC).
  2. y1, y2 — connectors for single-mode cables, specify type (ST, SC, ASC [angled SC], FC, AFC [angled FC], LC).
  3. Other connector types, fibre types, and fibre lengths will be quoted upon request


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