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FTS Series Fibre Optic Talk Set

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FTS Series Fibre Optic Talk Set

Fibre Optic Talk Sets are an inexpensive solution to meet your communication needs when testing multimode or single-mode fibre optic cables. Designed for voice communication over spare fibres, they provide full duplex, hands-free operation. Ease of use and compact size allow the operators to focus on the task at hand, rather than operating the talk set.
Two talk set models are available, the FTS 1 for communication on single-mode or multimode fibre and the FTS 2 for long-range single-mode applications. The FTS 2 model includes a multiparty communication feature, which provides the connection of two talk sets at a common site to extend the range or to include three or more persons in the conversation.
  • Single fibre, full duplex
  • Multimode and single-mode models
  • Field portable, hands-free operation
  • Automatic connection
  • Multiparty communication
  • Digital technology
  • Call-back feature/ringing (FTS 2)
  • Communicates with T500B talk option (FTS 2)

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