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VS300 View Safe Video Microscope

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VS300 View Safe Video Microscope
VS300 View Safe Video Microscope


Inspect patch cords with NOYES VS 300 from AFL. Designed for field use, the VS 300 scope delivers a high quality end-face image at 400x magnification. Quickly identify scratches, dirt or other problems normally associated with poor network performance.
FACT: A large percentage of network failures are caused by dirty or damaged end-faces on fiber optic connectors. Inspecting jumper end-faces prior to connection is critical to network performance. The VS 300 scope provides a quality optical inspection tool at an affordable price.
Safety by design: the VS 300 Utilizes a camera and micro display to provide an end-face image while eliminating the optical path to the technician’s eye. This ensures no harm in the case of inadvertent viewing of live fibers. *
The VS 300 features a universal adapter cap mount that accepts a variety of NOYES thread-on style adapter caps (ordered separately) to ease inspection of many connector style. A momentary power switch located on the top panel keeps one hand free for focusing.
Tri-Pod mount: For stationary work, the tri-pod mount allows the VS 300 to attach to any standard camera tri-pod.
Auto time-out feature provides long battery life from standard 2 x AA Alkalines.
*Always follow your company’s laser safety procedures and never use an optical microscope to view live fiber optic connectors.
Key Specifications
  • 400x Nominal Magnification
  • View-Safe design
  • Universal thread-on adapter mount
  • Long battery life with 2xAA alkaline 
The VS 300 accepts NOYES Inspection Scope Connector Adapters allowing connection of ind allowing connection of industry standard connectors.
Watch a video on initial setup of the VS300 here


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