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VOA5-MM Variable Attenuator

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VOA5-MM Variable Attenuator


The Noyes VOA5-MM from AFL Telecommunications is a handheld variable optical attenuator suited for a wide range of fibre link certification and production test applications. The VOA5-MM attenuator offers high bi-directional return loss and will maintain the set attenuation level when the unit is powered down.

Input/output ports of the VOA5-MM are equipped with tool-free removable adapters to allow the output connectors to be inspected and cleaned.

The VOA5-MM is powered by two (2) AA alkaline batteries or an AC power adapter. A NiCad rechargeable battery pack is available as an option.
  • High speed (0 to 60 dB < 3 seconds)
  • 2 x AA alkaline, AC power, or optional NiCad battery pack
  • Long battery life (> 16 hours)
  • Handheld, rugged, lightweight (0.55 kg)
  • Cost-effective, easy to use
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