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Home BURIED FACILITY MARKERS & LOCATORS Electronic Marker Locator EML-100

Marker-Mate™ Electronic Marker Locator is designed to locate all brands of buried, electronic markers, including the patented Tempo Omni Marker™, and Uni Marker™ sets an industry standard with the capability of detecting all seven application-based electronic marker types simultaneously (power, water, sanitary, telephone, gas, cable TV, non-potable water.)

Marker-Mate™ is user-selectable for any of these marker types, or the Scan mode will locate the marker types simultaneously, and automatically determine which type has been detected. Marker-Mate™ scan mode, and its pinpoint accuracy, reduces time spent locating electronic markers. The Marker-Mate™ advanced pinpoint feature allows the user to adjust its detection threshold, making it possible to narrow the detection area to a precise location. 

Utilizing digital signal processor technology, the Marker-Mate™ is the most sophisticated, highest performing locator available built to operate in all weather conditions.Tempo's Marker-Mate™, Omni Marker™ and Uni Marker™ a complete solution! 
  • Five foot depth range
  • Detects up to seven different marker types
  • Scan mode provides simultaneous detection of all marker types
  • User-adjustable 'Detection Threshold'
  • Digital signal processor accuracy
  • Large character display is easy to read
  • Bar graph, numeric & audible signal strength indicators
  • Speaker volume adjustment
  • Headphone jack
  • Battery level indicator
  • Low battery warning
  • Adjustable time-out feature prolongs battery life (and can be turned off)
  • Weather resistant
  • Rugged construction 
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