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Artisan xDSL Network Tester

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Artisan xDSL Network Tester

The ARTISAN handheld xDSL tester is a powerful and comprehensive ADSL & VDSL solution.  The inbuilt AutoTest feature makes testing simple and intuitive and thus keeps taining needs to a minimum.  Features such as 7" colour touchscreen, web browser, histograms for long-term monitoring together with industry leading Broadcom chipset puts the Vonaq ARTISAN xDSL teste ahead of the pack.


  • 7" colour touchscreen
  • Screen resolution 800 x 480 (WVGA)
  • Android operating system
  • Full web browser
  • One button configurable test / Auto test script
  • Test xDSL layer through to IP layer and beyond
  • Industry-leading Broadcom chipset for established:                                                       
    • VDSL2 & ADSL/2/2+ interoperability
    • Impulse noise protacetion support (INP)
    • Broadcom PhyR & Nitro configurations
  • Rapid testing - reports andd statistics displayed in typically less than 3 minutes
  • Storage for >1000 test reports in either .xml or .pdf formats
  • USB port for additional storage options
  • Configure up to 100 WAN service test profiles
  • Configurable pass/fail thresholds
  • Support for Terminate & Through modes of operation

Comprehensive DSL Testing, Reporting & Support:

Easy to use AutoTest feature enables key Upstream & Downstream, Path 0 & Path 1, DSL line statistics to be reported and allocated a pass/fail indication:

  • Line Rate
  • SNR Margin
  • CRC Errors
  • OCD Errors
  • LOF Errors
  • Total Cells
  • Attainable Line Rate
  • Line Attenuation
  • HEC Errors
  • LCD Errors
  • Data Cells
  • Line Utilisation
  • Output Power
  • FEC Errors
  • LOM Errors
  • Bit Errors



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