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Tempo 711K

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Tempo 711K
Tempo 711K
The 711K is part of the Tempo series of professional grade tone and probe products. The only thing missing is complexity.
The 77GX Tone Generator incorporates a host of user-requested features including microprocessor controlled circuitry for increased reliability, three selectable tone outputs for multiple line identification, two-line polarity indication for fast outlet checks, selectable power outputs for use on open or shorted pairs, continuity testing and automatic shut-off to prevent battery drain.
The new 200GX Inductive Amplifier features a simple, one button operation and comfortable, ergonomic design. The adjustable volume control, LED visual signal strength indication and powerful speaker make the 200GX ideal for noisy environments. Additionally, the 200GX offers recessed connectors for use with telephone test sets.
To provide a single solution for the professional, Tempo has developed the 7LLK Professional Tone and Probe Kit combining the 77GX Tone Generator and 200GX Inductive Amplifier in a rugged carrying case. The new GX series incorporates many user-requested features resulting in an easy to use product we are proud to call Tempo.
· Fast, Accurate Wire Identification
· Rugged Industrial Design
· Sends Tone to Identify Wires
· Three Selectable Tone Outputs
· Two-line Polarity Indication
· Continuity Test · Adjustable Volume Control
· Visual Signal Strength Indication
· Powerful Speaker for Noisy Environments
· Recessed Telephone Test Set Connectors
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