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TX916 Loop-A-Line

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TX916 Loop-A-Line
TX916 Loop-A-Line Tester Ideal for new service installations and repairs.

TX916 Loop a Line

A proven concept in cable practice which reduces service costs!
The Loop a Line has been improved.

The new TX916 provides the telecommunications technician with an instrument that cuts repair and installation costs!

The TX916 Loop a Line kit consists of an Oscillator and a Probe unit and two sets of test leads.

A single technician, working alone, can connect the Oscillator to the cable pair at the exchange MDF, street cabinet or distribution point. The Oscillator starts in the ‘TONE’ mode allowing the technician to identify the pair at the Far End of the Line with the Probe. Extra Oscillators can operate on separate pairs of a cable and are identified by the different tones available.

After pair identification, connect the Probe leads to the pair and signal the Oscillator by pressing the Probe’s OPEN’ or ‘SHORT’ buttons. This allows the connection of other test equipment to perform tests such as:

  • Foreign battery
  • Insulation resistance
  • Loop resistance
  • Resistance balance checks
  • Fault finding using a TDR or Resistance Bridge.

After repair or installation, a final press of the ‘ CONNECT ‘ button connects the customer’s service to the switch to provide dial or ring back checks.


  1. Press TONE to identify the cable pair
  2. Press OPEN to disconnect the line for Foreign Battery and Insulation Resistance testing
  3. Press SHORT to loop the line for loop resistance,Resistance balance and Resistive fault location tests
  4. Press CONNECT to restore the service
  5. Press 600 Ω 600 for a quiet line


  • One technician can work unassisted by using the probe to remotely control an oscillator
  • Eliminates multiple journeys along the cable path
  • Six mode selectable switching
  • Battery level indicator


  • New stronger ergonomic cases
  • Operates over longer distances
  • Oscillator remembers last tone selected
  • Oscillator sounds if line short circuits
  • Oscillator displays selected modes
  • Battery level displayed


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