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TX125 Multifunction Line Test Set

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TX125 Multifunction Line Test Set

The Teletech TX125 is an essential and practical tool for all telecommunications technicians. Australian-designed and developed, the TX125 is specifically suited to testing cable for the digital services network. 

The TX125 is a low-cost, multi-function line test set, suitable for testing copper cable for any digital service.


This world-first unit is the result of close co-operation between Teletech and Telstra. The TX125 delivers state-of-the-art techniques for pre-qualifying and maintenance of the digital services network directly into the hands of the field technician.


Incorporating all the technical features of the TX120 (including the ability to remotely open circuit and short circuit the line using signalling over the line under test), the TX125 connects the line through to the exchange after testing is completed.


A groundbreaking feature of the TX125 is its ability to download and store pre-programmed automatic test sequences from a PC.


The pre-programmed "PC download" test sequences include those for ADSL, Pair Gain Systems, ISDN and all new high-speed digital services.


The TX125 offers ten separate test categories, all of which can be stored in a 1000 test memory or downloaded as autotest sequences from pre-programmed PC programs. Measurement results are stored in the unit's memory for recall on to the screen for review or uploading to a PC for further analysis.


For ease of field operation, a clock and calendar keep track of when individual measurements are recorded.

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