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WDM900 Lightwave Test Set

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WDM900 Lightwave Test Set
WDM900 Lightwave Test Set simplifies DWDM in-service testing



The WDM900 Lightwave Test Set is a rugged, portable and easy-to-use automatic measurement system that simplifies in-service testing of DWDM-based access networks. Within just seconds of connecting to the network, WDM900 users know which channels need attention and exactly what action is required.

The WDM900 acquires the network signal, measures the characteristics of each DWDM channel present and determines which signals satisfy user-defined acceptance thresholds for channel power, wavelength deviation, optical signal-to-noise ratio and other indications of network and signal integrity. The revolutionary AFL Health Meter graphically summarizes network performance via an easy to interpret color-coded indicator for each channel. Simply touching a non-conforming channel launches the AFL Channel Detail display which shows graphically and numerically how the measured attributes compare to the acceptance criteria. 

Users will also appreciate the many WDM900 features designed to make them more efficient. For example, conventional test equipment requires users to manually scale measurements to compensate for monotor port attenuation. the WDM900 eliminates this task with automatic monitor port compensation. The WDM900 displays warning messages when channel input power or total input power exceed the allowable dynamic range and reminds user to employ the input attenuator accessories included with each instrument. A comprehensive reporting application provides one-touch capture and reporting capabilities. Reports are easily managed using time stamps, report titles, keywords/keyword search and tagging and are easily exported in .pdf and .csv formats via off-the-shelf USB memory sticks.

The WDM900 is engineered to thrive under the harsh conditions found in central offices, head ends, network nodes and outside plant. Its highly integrated solid state design features no moving parts for reduces service and repair costs and its internal wavelength reference and temperature-stabilized circuitry eliminate long warm up periods and accuracy drift induced by sudden temperature and humidity changes. The optical path of the WDM900 is hermetically-sealed to resist the dust, dirt and contamination typically found in the field. The WDM900 is packaged in a proven rugged housing that withstands rigorous military-grade drop testing. Internal optical components are Telcordia GR-1221 rated. 

The WDM900 features a high-contrast 6.5 in color display. It weighs just 5.2 lb and its shock absorbing case occupies only 7.5 in x 10.5 in x 2.75 in. A Li-ion battery will power it for over 8 hours on a single charge. 


  Absolute Maximum Input Power   +21 dBm
  Usable Channel Spacing (Hardware Only)   25 GHz minimum
  Usable Channel Spacing (Application)  
  Optical Return Loss   30 dB
  Adjacent Channel Rejection Ratio (ORR) @ 50 GHz   48 dB
  Noise Floor   -74 dBm
  Measurement Range  1527.99 nm to 1568.77 nm
   196.2 to 191.1 THz
    ITU Channel 11 to 62
  Measurement Accuracy   ± 0.16 nm
  Measurement Resolution   0.008 nm
  Scan Time   < 2 sec
  Measurement Range   -45 dBm to -4.0 dBm
  Measurement Accuracy   ± 1.0 dB
  Measurement Resolution   0.1 dB
  Measurement Repeatability   ± 0.1 dB
  Measurement Type   IEC 61280-2-9
  Measurement Range @ 100 GHz   28 dB
  Measurement Accuracy   ± 2.0 dB
  Measurement Repeatability   ± 0.75 dB
  Weight   < 2.3 kg, <5.2 lb
  Dimensions, mm (in)  19.05 x 26.92 x 6.90
  (7.5 x 10.5 x 2.75)
  Dust Resistance   Hermetically-sealed Light Path
  Shock Resistance, Intended Use   GR-2952-CORE, O4-14, 30 inch     drop onto hard surface, base
  Vibration resistance   GR-2952-CORE, R4-15, 10 Hz to   500 Hz, 1.5 g on 3 principal axes
  Operating Environment  GR-2952-CORE, R4-19, 0°C    (uncontrolled humidity) to 50°C
 (95% humidity)
  Non-operating Environment  GR-2952-CORE, R4-18, -30°C  (uncontrolled humidity) to 600°C
  (95% humidity)
  Electromagnetic Emissions  GR-2952-CORE, R4-21 & GR- 1089-CORE & EN 5510
  Electromagnetic Susceptibility  GR-2952-CORE, R4-22 & GR- 1089-CORE & EN 61000-4-6
  Display   6.5 in (diag), Color LCD TFT
  Touchscreen   Resistive, unaffected by    moisture or water droplets
  CONNECTIVITY   Two USB 2.0 Host Ports
  One USB 2.0 Client Port
  RJ-45 LAN Port, 10/100/1000 (hardware only)
  IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (hardware only)
  Bluetooth 2.0 (hardware only)
  Internal Memory   4 GB Flash
  External Memory   Removable USB Flash Drive
  Type   18 volt, Li-ion
  Capacity   8 hours minimum
  AC Adapter   Universal 100 - 240 VAC
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