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Softing WireXpert: Cable and Fibre Certifier

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Softing WireXpert: Cable and Fibre Certifier
Softing WireXpert

Softing WireXpert: Cable and Fibre Certifier
CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7, CAT7A, Singlemode Fibre, Multimode Fibre, MPO.

Cabling systems are evolving rapidly, with CAT8 standard for copper cabling on the horizon, and rapidly growing use of MPO and Single Mode cabling for 40G Ethernet and beyond.  The powerful measurement engine of WireXpert 4500 performs the most complex cable certification tests accurately, and in a matter of seconds you will know the answer to "PASS or not?"

WireXpert 4500 is your best, and probably the only investment in test instrument. With a large number of application specific detachable test adapters, you can test many different types of cables and components. WireXpert 4500 has test adapters for all categories of copper patch-cords, multi-mode MPO cables, simplex multi-mode and single-mode links, industrial Ethernet cabling systems (1G and 10G), coaxial cables, and more. WireXpert 4500 even offers a range of specialised adapters for lab testing.  In fact, some of the most reputed cable vendors use WireXpert 4500 in their research labs to qualify newly developed cabling components.

We welcome you to experience the speed of testing, accuracy, and simplicity of WireXpert 4500!



  • Most advanced cable certification for all standards: Class D/E/EA/FA, Category 5e/6/6A, and the new draft CAT 8 as well as ISO draft standards Class I and Class II
  • First cable certification up to 2500 MHz to support new TIA CAT 8 und ISO Class I and II draft standard
  • Fastest Autotest in less than 9 seconds
  • Measurement accuracy independently verified by ETL - Exceeds ISO Level V* (draft), IV and TIA Level IIIe Accuracy requirements
  • Endorsed by over 20 cable companies worldwide
  • Field upgradable with many options e.g. patchcord testing, Industrial Ethernet, Class FA
  • Perform extended Fiber certification for 850/1300 MM and 1310/1550 SM Fiber
  • First to support MPO Fiber testing for data centers

Easy to Use and ruggedized design

WireXpert comes with an intuitive touch sensitive user interface, featuring bright color LCD screens designed for industrial, heavy duty usage. The new dual control system (DCSTM) – featuring identical devices for remote and main units – makes it really easy to operate the test cycles. Whether coordinated by two technicians or only one, walking time between outlets is minimized. 


Fast and simple for highest productivity

WireXpert completes CAT 6A certification test in less than 9 seconds and Class FA testing in 15 seconds. It offers intuitive navigation through the screens on the device, and generates professional reports through its PC software ReportXpert. 

Low Cost of Ownership with Innovative Permanent Link Test

WireXpert combines the accuracy of probe attached permanent link cords with the cost-of-ownership advantage of patch-cord based testing. This innovative approach results in a solution which is flexible, cost effective and accurate. 

Future proof: CAT 7A  (Class FA ) and beyond

WireXpert is the only tester in the market with the capability to certify Class FA cabling systems over its entire specified frequency range with required measurement accuracy. In fact, WireXpert’s measurement engine is capable of testing against future cabling standards required for 40G and 100G Ethernet over copper cables. 

Protects your Investment: Beyond 10 ‚GIG‘

If you are testing 10 Gb/s cabling, WireXpert is the clear choice. If you are thinking beyond 10G, WireXpert is the only choice. Built on a future proof, scalable measurement engine, WireXpert protects your investment in test equipment as the data rates supported by the cabling systems increase. WireXpert employs a novel measurement architecture that achieves extremely wide bandwidth with superior measurement accuracy. Its unique RF measurement engine exceeds level IV requirements throughout the measurement frequency range. 

Vendor Approvals

Most leading cable manufacturers have extensively tested WireXpert and have approved the instrument for field certification and associated warranties of their structured cabling solutions. Laboratory testing and comparisons against vector analyzers have proven that WireXpert has excellent accuracy and measurements correlate with laboratory equipment.


Basic Kit Includes


WireXpert Handheld Units 2
Li-Ion Batteries 2
Stylus with Cords 2
Display Protection Covers 2
CAT 6A Permanent Link Interface Adapters 2
CAT 6A Permanent Link Test Cords 2
CAT 6A Channel Adapters 2
USB Thumb Drive Including Manual & Software 1
Talk Head Sets 2
AC Power Adapters 2
Country Specific Power Cord 2
Calibration Certificate 1
Carrying Case 1
Quick Reference Guide 1


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