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Cat 5e & Cat 6 RJ Panels

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Cat 5e & Cat 6 RJ Panels
Category 5e and Category 6 solutions are a fully integrated family of precisely tuned components each designed to operate at optimum performance with the other. These solutions are unmatched in data throughput and are supported by the most comprehensive and thorough warranty in the industy: the TrueNet® Zero Bit-Error warranty. The warranty guarantees that the structured cabling system will remain error free for a full 5 years and includes a 20-year electrical performance and free of defect warranty. The result is a remarkable advanced and high performing end-to-end channel guaranteed beyond the typical industry requirements to maximize network throughput and minimize downtime. Numerous component options are available for versatility and flexible adaptation to meet any infrastructure requirement.
Coupler Panels
  • Provides feed-through data and voice connectivity on the front and rear
  • Extra heavy-duty frames
  • .480" designation strips
 RJ to IDC Panels
  • 1 RU 24-port design provides high-density and flexibility. Available in 2 RU 48-port
  • Wire can be terminated with either a LSA-PLUS or 110 tool
  • Rear wire manager included
  • Designed to support gigabit Ethernet transmission speeds
RJ to IDC Dynamic Right/Left Angle Panels
  • Patented right/left angle eases stress on patch cords allowing for easy cable management
  • 45-degree silver-plated IDCs provide secure reliable gas-tight connections
  • Wire can be terminated with either a LSA-PLUS or 110 tool
  • Universal A/B wiring label
Shielded Coupler Panels
  • High-density 24 ports in 1 rack space
  • Standard RJ patch panel interface
  • Screened twisted pair connector interfaces and metal shielded panel design
  • Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Base-T), T1/E1

Patch Cords

  • Impedance matched patch cord for maximum throughput
  • Patented AirES® technology
  • Up to 28% smaller outer diameter than other patch cords
  • UL 1863 listed and Category 5e and Category 6 performance verified


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