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KLM/KTK Fuse panels

KLM/KTK Fuse panels


Gain intermediate-current distribution capabilities in just 1 RU with these high-density fuse panels. Choose from KLM-only configurations or deploy additional versatility with a combination panel that integrates GMT distribution into the same compact footprint.
Note: Panels ship with "dummy" fuses. Order fuses separately.
Although historical data provides evidence of the safe use of KTK fuses, based on the recommendation of our fuse manufacturer, Telect no longer recommends the use of KTK fuses in telecom applications. KLM Fuses should be used in all intermediate-current applications.
  • Up to 100A input rating per bus (dual feed) in as little as one rack unit
  • Large range of output amperages:
  • Up to 30A per intermediate fuse output (maximum output interruption)
  • Up to 15A per GMT fuse output
  • Wire-binding output connections accept either bare wire or compression lugs
  • Input connections accept two-hole compression lugs


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