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Next Generation Harrier ISDN Test Set

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Next Generation Harrier ISDN Test Set

The NG Harrier is a two part  test system that overcomes the complexity associated with installing commissioning and maintaining ISDN circuits. The PC software component commands the hand held test instrument to comprehensively test an ISDN installation and store the results. The inherent capability of the PC is used to display hypertext information on the tests and how they relate to the ISDN service to virtually eliminate the need for training. The hand held component can operate independently of the PC to allow quick verification of the U-Interface, S/T-Interface, and derived POTS interface. Optional components include Passive Monitor to trace the D-Channel activity of connected Terminal Equipment, Protocol Analyser to decode the D-channel protocol, NE Mode to emulate the network and So Test adapter to test the S-Bus wiring. 


Hand-held component alternatively powered from ISDN BRI, standard batteries (3x 1.5V AA (LR6)), NiMH or the power supply. • Low power consumption: 180-350 mW (POTS, S/T) • Battery lifetime: 15-33h (POTS,S/T), depending on type of battery • Keypad: 16-keys, 2 cursor keys, 3 context-specific softkeys • LCD Display: 4 lines with 16 characters each, backlit • Indicators: 5 LEDs to indicate status (ISDN Layers 1-2-3, PC Trace, power supply) • Interfaces: RJ-45 line input for POTS / U / ISDN, RJ-45 serial interface to PC, RJ-11 for optional headset • Dimensions: H 230 mm W 72 mm D 30mm • Weight: 350g (without batteries) PC Software Component Minimum requirements: Windows 98, NT, 2000 or XP, Intel Pentium 133MHz or equivalent, 32M Byte RAM, 12M Byte Disk Space, SVGA Compatible Graphics. 


  • Targeted Help
  • Connection diagrams
  • Automatic storage of results
  • BRI, U and POTS interfaces in TE mode
  • CLIP function on POTS Access
  • NiMH or Alkaline Operation
  • Comprehensive service testing
  • BRI Powering Mode
  • Flash ROM for PC Upgrade
  • HF detection on POTS Interface
  • Download of results to PC
  • POTS DTMF Monitor
  • Called, Calling and Connected number display
  • POTS interface voltage measurement
  • D Channel Trace Mode
  • Handset automatic test mode
  • Voice Announcement
  • Telephony Button
  • Simulation of X.31(D) terminal to X.25 network
  • Display of Layers 1-2-3 and the B-channel status
  • Power supply and battery charger
  • Backlit 4 Line LCD
  • User selectable language
  • Hover Help System
  • Active Buttons
  • Automatic Testing Scripts
  • User editable help files
  • Configuration data file system
  • Automatic Access Detection
  • Signal Level Measurement
  • PC or Hand Held Operation
  • One key voltage and signal level measurement
  • Measurement of round trip delay and inter-channel delay

O R D E R I N G  I N F O R M AT I O N :

NG Harrier Standard Package:
Comprising PC software CD including User Documentation, Quick Reference Guide, Serial Cable (9 pin D type to RJ45), Hand Held Tester, Rechargeable NiMH batteries, Plug-in power supply, RJ-45-BRI connection cable, U / POTS interface connection cable, Carry bag. 

NG Harrier Plus Package:
As for NG Harrier Standard Package but also including Passive Monitor, Network Emulation (NE) and S-BUS Wiring Test options. 

M0302- 00A S-Bus Wiring Tester - Comprising Test Adaptor and Patch cord
M0302- 10A Passive Monitor - Comprising Software Key and “Y” Connector
M0302- 30A Network Emulation (NE) - Comprising Software Key and application specific cable
M0302- 40A D Channel Analysis Software - Comprising Software CD and User Instructions
M0133- 50A Vehicle Charger

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