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Simline 6 6-Port Basic Rate ISDN Simulator

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Simline 6 6-Port Basic Rate ISDN Simulator


The Simline 6 is a popular multi port ISDN network simulator with 6 basic rate ports (S/T interface) and one optional primary rate port (E1 interface). Simline 6 can be used with routers, PBX, video conferencing terminals (128K and 384K), terminal adapters, PC applications or any ISDN terminal fitted with a standard S/T interface or a primary rate E1 port.


Simline 6 performs complete call handling procedures without the need for a PBX or Switch. It's size and ease of use make it ideal for training and demonstration applications, allowing you to demonstrate Physical Layer (L1), Data Link Layer (L2) and Network Layer (L3) operation in real-time while making full bandwidth data (or speech) calls on your desktop. More advanced features such as the protocol trace and the ability to generate different network call clearing causes, will also appeal to those developing or testing ISDN terminals.


Plug & Play Simplicity

Each unit is supplied with a simple delivered configuration allowing the user to gain full control of the application within minutes. A Windows Program (Windows 98, NT4, 2000 and XP compliant) is supplied with the Simline 6 so that changes can be made to suit the task, for example: user defined telephone numbers for each port, supplementary services, single/dual numbering modes and much more.


These changes can then be saved as the new default. It is even possible to test just one ISDN terminal connected to the Simline 6 by using the auto-answer mode. Status LED's are provided to indicate activity at all protocol layers including any bearer (B) channels used.

The optional E1 primary rate port may be configured with a range of 1000 DDI numbers or to route calls through to any 1 of the 30 available channels.


Advanced Features

Simline 6 allows true simulation of different Euro-ISDN network behavior through user configuration of the numbering plan, timer values, TEI mode and network clearing causes used. Services such as the combined leased line and ISDN basic rate service offered in some European countries are also supported.



Simline 6 is very compact and can be used for a very wide range of applications which makes it a great choice when any temporary ISDN lines are required.

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