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NC-100 NETCat Micro Wiring Tester

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NC-100 NETCat Micro Wiring Tester
The NETcat® Micro is a device that verifies the integrity of both twisted pair and coaxial telecom cables. It uses high-speed digital technology to verify wiring continuity and check for the correct allocation of wire pairs, showing the results on a backlit display.
Four durable keys select the test and wire tracing modes. A wide range of tracing tone options makes it easy to track and identify high performance Category 5/6/7 wiring, and the tracing tones are compatible with Greenlee’s 200XP noise-immune tone probe. An auto-off function helps extend battery life.
  • Tests shielded twisted pair (STP), unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and coaxial cables.
  • TIA/EIA standard wiring pair verification.
  • Detects shorts, opens, reversed polarity, crossed and split pairs.
  • Generates three distinct, selectable digital tone patterns for cable tracing and troubleshooting.
  • Tracing modes can be adjusted for high performance LAN cables.
  • Complete set of connector types standard (telephone, LAN and coax).
  • Nested remote allows end-to-end testing of all wiring types.
  • Simple testing of LAN wiring and phone lines.
  • Detection of common wiring and connector errors.
  • Warning of hazardous voltages.
  • Checks for reversed telephone wires.
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