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F Connectors

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F Connectors
F Connectors


ADC’s high-performance F connectors are designed for demanding digital applications where a high quality, high-performance F connector is required. These connectors provide superior return loss (-30 dB to 3 GHz) and are the perfect choice for use in digital headends, satellite down links, and high-performance customer premises applications.
  • All-crimp two-piece design goes together the same as a BNC
  • Combines the superior electrical performance of a BNC with the superior RF performance of an F connector
  • True 75 W design for performance up to 3 GHz
  • Crimp-on centre pin provides outstanding connection rather than relying on the copper centre conductor of the cable
  • Gold-plated locking centre pin just like a BNC connector
  • Diamond-knurled crimp hub and long .500" crimp sleeve provides higher pull-off force than typical F connector types
  • Long 3/8" wrench flats make connector threading easier
  • Precision machined parts for greater unit to unit consistency
  • Exclusive moulded centre conductor insulator provides a truer impedance match over PVC and Teflon types
  • Same strip and crimp dimensions as our standard BNC plugs, common tooling
  • Cable sizes for RG59, RG187, and RG6 available
  • Termination plugs in 1% and precision 0.1% available


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