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ADC Coax Video Patch Cords

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ADC Coax Video Patch Cords
ADC offers high-quality video patch cords capable of handling uncompressed high-definition digital video, serial digital video, and analogue as well as AES audio. ADC patch cords feature a patented True 75Ω design made of the highest quality materials that virtually eliminates bit errors, and provides excellent mechanical durability.
The digital television revolution is stretching the limits of the physical plant technology designed for analogue video copper. Cable and connectors not optimized for the digital environment can seriously degrade the digital signal being transported. The problem is that all WECO-standard jacks and patch cords exhibit an impedance violation of between 58 and 62 Ω in the patched state. This becomes a major source of attenuation and bit errors in serial digital and high-definition video signals.
Patented HD Patch Cords
ADC’s ST series standard-size patch cords feature a patented design that provides a true 75Ω interface in the patched state when used with ADC’s SVJ-2 super video jack family. ST series maintains the WECO interface for maximum industry compatibility and provides a true 75Ω interface.
HD Rated VX™ Series
ADC’s VX™ standard, midsize and MUSA standard video patch cords feature a unique plug design that optimizes impedance performance during the patched state. The unique plug design is optimized for HD video applications for WECO midsize and MUSA formats. For WECO standard size HD patching, the ST series is recommended. Both designs reduce or eliminate attenuation and bit errors in serial digital and high-definition video signals, especially in the uncompressed mode.
  • Patented design provides a 75 W interface in the patched state
  • Standard size compatible with all WECO .090 standard video jacks
  • Performance matched for uncompressed HDTV signals (1.485 Gbit/s)
  • Gastight crimp design. 100 percent solderless construction assures quality
  • Precision-molded insulators for true impedance match and greater unit-to-unit consistency compared to machined plastic
  • HD-rated 1505F cable with matte finish
  • Full-molded strain relief defeats abuse
  • Gold-plated center conductors
  • Available in red, green, blue, black, orange, yellow, violet, and white in 2-foot (.6 m) to 6-foot (1.8 m) lengths
  • MUSA format features unique closed-entry centre pin to prevent breakage
Use the datasheets at right to determine your specific requirements or contact Australian Tel-Tec direct.
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