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ADC ProPatch Miniature (PPM) Series Video Patch Panel

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ADC ProPatch Miniature (PPM) Series Video Patch Panel


The ProPatch® Miniature (PPM) Series is an all new Super High-Density Coax (SHDC) patching system designed for High Definition (HD), SDI, AES audio, 5.1 and 7.1 audio applications where coax medium is preferred but space is at a premium. The system is available in both 1 and 1.5 rack unit configurations. The 1 rack unit panel features a patent-pending pullout designation strip that dramatically increases space for text, and a high-density 2x48 circuit configuration of ports. The 1.5 rack unit panel features 4x48 ports.
The SHDC jack features a unique patent-pending switchable termination system that allows the user to select terminating and non-terminating 75Ω functions on each circuit pair. The normal-through system is also available in a straight-through configuration for tie-line panels and applications where normals are not required. The SHDC high-performance normalling and straight-through LCC jacks are rated to SMPTE 424M HD standard. The SHDC AES jacks are rated for AES digital audio and analog video transmission. Both versions feature modular screwless mounting, circuit identification icons on the rear of the jack, 10,000 insertion/withdrawal cycles and are fully qualified to MIL-STD 202 for the ultimate in durability.
The system features two options. ADC’s patented push-pull LCC connector technology on the backplane, or standard 1.0/2.3 connectors and ADC‘s patented LCC and LCP connectors terminate the same as a BNC using standard tooling.
Download the datasheets at right to determine your specific requirements or contact Australian Tel-Tec direct.
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