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ADC ProPatch Economical (PPE) Series Video Patch Panel

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ADC ProPatch Economical (PPE) Series Video Patch Panel


ProPatch® PPE Series Panels are designed to offer ADC performance on a modest budget. The tough, attractive panels feature a rugged epoxy powder-coated steel faceplate with a durable moulded ABS jack insert. The PPE series panels do not provide any rear silk screening for port identification or cable support bars, but are available with the same jack options as the full-featured PPI series panels. Designation strips are provided with clear slide-in acetate windows, upgradeable to ADC’s exclusive snap-over designation system. The durable steel faceplate ensures against bent, cracked or broken rack ears, and the moulded ABS inserts prevent stripped screws and cracked inserts common with phenolic panel inserts.
PPE panels are covered by a one-year warranty against defects, upgradeable to 15 years (contact Australian Tel-Tec for details).
  • Steel chassis with high-impact ABS plastic moulded inserts
  • Highest quality, widest bandwidth, longest lasting jacks available. True 75Ω impedance
  • Acetate slide-in style designation windows
  • Optional snap-over window available
  • Available in all jack types
  • 1 year warranty, upgradable to 15 years
  • ProPatch® PPE Series unloaded video panels come in 1, 2, 3 and 4 RU models. They feature a rugged steel faceplate with moulded ABS jack inserts.
  • Panels are available for standard size jacks in 2x24, 2x26, and 3x26 arrays. For midsize jacks, panels are available in 2x32 and 3x32 arrays. When ordering jacks, alternate short
  • and long jacks to ease cabling.

Download the datasheet at right to determine your specific requirements or contact Australian Tel-Tec direct.

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