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DFS-1 Digital FiberScope

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DFS-1 Digital FiberScope


The DFS1 Digital FiberScope supports magnified video inspection of optical fibre connector end-faces during fibre optic cable and connector installation and maintenance. The ergonomically designed hand-held unit illuminates fibre end-faces and delivers magnified images via USB port to AFL’s M-series OTDRs (M200, M700) or C-series OTDRs and Certification Testers (C840, C850, C860, C880).  FiberScope software displays, labels, and stores captured images as part of connector installation and/or maintenance records.

A large adjustme

nt knob permits easy focusing using real-time view.  Once focused, a conveniently located trigger button signals the attached display device to capture the image for analysis and archiving.  The scope’s ergonomic shape and control locations support comfortable, single-handed operation.



  • Ergonomic, hand-held design
  • Single-handed operation
  • 400x magnification
  • Fast, easy focus and display capture
  • Video output via USB port to M200, M700, C840, C850, C860, or C880
  • Powered from USB; no batteries required
  • Extensive assortment of interchangeable fibre connector and bulkhead adapter tips
  • Adapter tips easily changed; no tools required 


  • Ideal for Telco, Broadband, and PNG applications
  • Optical connector and bulkhead adapter inspection
  • Display and analyse fibre end-face quality on M200, M700, C840, C850, C860, or C880
  • Visually inspect fibre end-faces for damage or contamination impairing optical transmission
  • Generate installation inspection records, associating captured digital photo with fibre ID


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