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Tempo TV220 CableScout

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Tempo TV220 CableScout


The NEW and improved CableScout® TV220 from Greenlee Communications delivers all the enhanced features that CATV and Telco technicians and network administrators have been asking for in a TDR for CATV applications. The TV220 finds faults other cable testers can’t and has an easy to use “user interface”.


The TV220 delivers high performance, yet is so easy to use that little or no training is required. This leading edge TDR can test more system bandwidth and expose faults that have been previously invisible to TDR yet still an impairment to digital signals. The TV220 also introduces one-button testing.

Enhanced Features 

  • Easier-to-use GUI interface requires little or no training
  • PC application is compatible with all the current operating systems
  • Improved clarity and trace functionality makes it even easier to identify faults on-screen and determine noise versus the fault
  • Even higher SNR and Resolution makes it easier to identify events that were previously difficult or impossible to find
  • Zero dead zone at the launch allows the user to see faults immediately
  • Improved trace update rate allows you to see changes to the fault faster (5 times/sec. versus 2 times/sec.)
  • Higher capacity to hold traces
  • USB interface for trace download
  • Lighter weight and longer charge life with the new lithium-ion battery
  • TestWizard™ one-button testing
  • Automatic Return Loss Measurements
  • Automatic Multiple Event Marking
  • High-Resolution, Short Pulse Width (1 ns)
  • Rugged enough to withstand a 2 meter drop


  • Digital service provisioning
  • Locate sources of signal reflections
  • Find bad splices and poor connections that can degrade BER

Testing at Higher Bandwidth 

Because the TV220 tests at a high bandwidth (it uses a 400 MHz acquisition system), it tests more of your system capacity. This enables users to pinpoint more faults that can cause micro-reflections which can degrade digital transmission BER. Only the TV220 has the bandwidth to enable you to find problems that may exist only at higher frequencies. 

High SNR 

The TV220 also has extremely high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Tempo proprietary circuit designs reduce the noise level so that "bumps" on the trace represent real faults, not just noise. Events that were previously difficult or impossible to find are clearly visible (because the noise is much lower) with the TV220. This means that you can clearly see faults further away. 

High Resolution 

High-resolution performance allows the TV220 to locate problem components in the customer drop. The TV220 uses a pulse width of only 1 ns which means the operator can clearly identify multiple events that are less than 2 feet apart. This enables the technician to tell which of two components on a cable is causing the problem, even when they are close together. This is particularly important in troubleshooting drops, because components such as splitters and ground blocks can be very close together.

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